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We take responsibility

Environmental work is a strategically important issue for Draken. We do what we can to preserve the environment and actively work to reduce our environmental impact. This means that we:

  • Adhere to existing laws, ordinances and requirements.
  • Use, to the greatest extent possible, raw materials that are recyclable and that have a minimal impact on the environment during production, use, deposit or destruction. In principle, all waste is reused.
  • In selecting new materials for product development we choose materials with less environmental impact than existing materials that also have the same improved characteristics with decreased material use as the goal.
  • Utilise our employees' competence in order to achieve a good environment.
  • Work in order to continually, with the help of new technology, improve the environment both inside and outside the company.

Polythene from an environmental perspective

Our primary raw material is polythene. Polythene has many advantages from an environmental perspective.

Environmentally certified

Naturally, Draken is certified and fulfils those requirements that are imposed upon us. Our certifications within quality and the environment are comprised of ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

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